Here at KIND.SIR, we're bringing back the art of gift giving; the art of taking the time to create something especially for someone you love. It starts with the simple act of thinking of them; thinking of what they like and channeling that into the creation of a personalised piece for them.

Creating a bespoke piece for someone you love or for yourself doesn't need to be complicated. Here are some helpful questions to ask when deciding on what to choose if buying for someone else:

1. What is their favourite colour? Do they prefer monochrome over brown/tan/blush tones?

2. Do they have a favourite quote, saying, life motto or song lyric? 

3. Who is their favourite author?

4. Do they love adventure, traveling, have a favourite country?

5. Can they keep ivory stitching clean?

Need more inspiration? Go to our Instagram @wearekindsir for more images and fun.